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If you do want to be be a ringer, then there are a few

things that you need to know first.

1. Vocabulary

In Campanology (Bell-Ringing) there are different words that mean different things - just like another language! This isn’t necessary to start out ringing and they are so easy, you will probably learn them without realising.

Here are some of the words that are common used in towers. Or you can see the full list here:

Or at call-change only towers, these extra words may be used.

2. Rules/Etiquette

Don’t worry that people may be shouting at you when you start to ring independently, they are not cross or angry with you. This is because some bells can strike loudly and this would be to make themselves heard and also when trying to tell someone quick, they can appear to shout.

Below are the guidelines to a friendly working environment in a belfry:

1. When you are not participating in ringing, you must ensure you keep out the way of the rope - this means that feet should be kept firmly on the floor. This ensure you do not get caught by the rope.

2. Unless you are allowed to, wait to be asked to ring as taking a rope and ringing it could potentially be dangerous and rude.

3. When making commitments, such as ringing for weddings, ensure you do your best to uphold them. A reliable ringer is a must-have for a tower.

4. A minimum of 2 people must be present before ringing commences. This helps to provide safety in case of an accident.

5. General etiquette should be applied through - manners etc.

6. Obey the conductor's commands.

7. Have fun!

When bell-ringing, you do start with the basics but depending on how quickly you learn, new methods will open up to you.

If you want to learn to ring, you can use Dove's Guide to find out information about when to go to your local tower. The Tower Directory section of our site also supplies useful information of towers.

Click here to visit the Directory

If you require other information or have any enquires, please email:


As you have been viewing this, if you are not a ringer then we hope that it has influenced you into becoming one. Below is a quote from the webmaster about his start to bell-ringing.

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"My friends used to make fun that I went to

church to ring bells, but I find it relaxing

and you meet some nice people."

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